Frequently Asked Questions

1. My condo is registered on Stratalinks. How do I request access? 

2. My condo is NOT registered on Stratalinks. How do we get on Stratalinks?

3. I am an Administrator. What kind of tasks can I perform?

4. I am a Property Manager. How can this help me? 

5. I am a Realtor. Can Stratalinks help me? 

6. General

1. My condo is already registered on Stratalinks. How do I request access?  

  • 1.1 How do I access my community's secure site? Step 1: Go to 'Get Started' and create a User Account. Step 2: Submit a request to access your condo/ property using the name or legal code. Once submitted, you will need to first be approved by your Administrator. You will receive an email notice when your request has been granted.
  • 1.2 How do I access documents? Login to your account and look for documents in your dashboard's Documents tab. You can also find the most recently posted documents from the left-hand box.  
  • 1.3 How do I update my profile and settings? You can update your personal profile, privacy and notification settings by logging into your account and going to 'My Account.'
  • 1.4 How do I book rooms and elevators, participate in surveys, and use other interactive features? If your property has subscribed to a Premium account, you will be able to use many of Stratalinks interactive features through the dashboard. From the tab menu, users can select if they want to make a Booking, participate in a Survey, or participate in a Discussion (including posting a Classified Ad, adding a business referral, interact with other residents, etc.)
  1. 1.5 How do I contact my Administrator? If you wish to contact your property's Administrator, you can either look for information in the Contacts tab or send an email to 'Administrator' using the Message Centre. 
  • 1.6 Who is my Administrator? Your Administrator is the person who has been designated by Council to manage communications on behalf of Council. It can be a member of Council or someone else authorized to act on behalf of Council.

2. My community is NOT yet registered on Stratalinks. How do we get set up? 

  • 2.1 How do I refer Stratalinks to my condo Association or home owners association?  If you would like to get your property connected through Stratalinks, you can send us a referral and we will contact your property manager or council representative. You also welcome to submit an anonymous request if you prefer.  
  • 3. I am an Administrator. What kind of tasks can I perform? 
  1. 3.1 What does the Administrator do?  The Administrator sets up your property's dashboard can perform tasks like uploading documents, posting events, uploading your images and your property's logo, and more. For Premium subscribers, Administrators can also post photos of common spaces, upload content on your neighborhood and building, create surveys, vet users requests for access to your property's secure site, and more. 
  2. 3.2 How do I sign up for an account?  First, you will need to create a User Account. If your building is already registered on Stratalinks, then you will need to submit a 'Request to Join' an existing property. Once submitted, you will need to wait for your property's Administrator to grant you access. Once approved, you will receive an email notification indicating that you have been confirmed as a Administrator, and you should be able to access Stratalinks management tools. 
  3. 3.3 How do I add a new condo/ property? If you are registering a property for the first time, you will first need to create a user account, login and then 'Add New Strata' (below the 'Search for your strata and request access' page). If you are already using Stratalinks, you can add a new property from 'Manage My Stratas' by clicking 'Add New Strata.'  

4. I am a Property Manager. How can this help me? 

  • 4.1 How do I access Stratalinks?  First, you will need to create a User Account and submit a request to your Administrator for Property Manager privileges. Once approved, you will receive an email notification indicating that you have been confirmed as a Property Manager, and you should then be able to access Stratalinks tools and services. 
  1. 4.2 What kind of tasks can Property Managers perform? Property Managers are able to able to post documents and events, edit contacts, approve and verify owner information, respond to communications, post information about upcoming work (such a window cleaning, engineering work, electrical issues, etc.) or notify owners about security issues, and other important information. 

5. I am a Realtor. Can Stratalinks help me? 

  • 5.1 Can I access Stratalinks for registered properties where I am selling units? Realtors may be granted access to certain documents found on Stratalinks if the Property Manager or Administrator wishes to grant realtors with access AND if they have granted realtors access to relevant documents. In general, realtors will only have access to council and AGM meeting minutes. 
  • 5.2 Can I request access to more than one property at a time? Yes you can. You can request access to any property where you have a relevant role, however the decision as to whether or not to grant this access is at the discretion of your property's Administrator. 

6. General

  • 6.1 Who pays for Stratalinks? Stratalinks is paid for by your council, condo association or property manager, or any other person who is approved to enter into financial agreements on behalf of owners. 
  • 6.2. How much does Stratalinks cost? The cost depends on what package your Administrator has selected (Basic, Premium or Ultra), and on the number of units in your property. Visit for single-property pricing. For a multiple property quote, contact
  • 6.3 Do I need a user account? Yes, all users on Stratalinks - whether they are Owners, Tenants, Property Managers, Strata Administrators, Resident Managers or Realtors - must first create a User Account. Except for the original Administrator, all users must request access to their Administrator before they can access their stratas secure site. To create a User Account, click here
  • 6.4 What is a Strata? A strata refers to a condo association or strata council, which is established and elected to make decisions on behalf of owners within a particular condominium association
  • 6.5 What are the benefits of using Stratalinks? Stratalinks can benefit your condo association in many ways, including by helping to build stronger communities, saving on printing and postage costs related to document delivery, reducing environmental impact, improving responsiveness to current issues. Visit the Benefits page to learn about more ways it can help your property
  • 6.6 Can I register for more than one community using the same user account? Yes, you can be an owner in one property, and a tenant in another, and an Administrator in yet another. You can access multiple properties through a single login as long as you have been approved for each property. You request access to another property, go to 'Manage My Properties' and search for another property.