About Stratalinks

Stratalinks launched in 2010 and aims to help condominiums feel more like neighborhoods. Part document library and part community discussion forum, Stratalinks helps condo boards and property managers to securely and effectively share information, reduce environmental impact and print costs, strengthen interaction between community members and increase the public profile of your condo community.

Stratalinks was built with three key goals in mind: 

Goal #1 - Opening doors & connecting communities: Getting to know your neighbors is not always easy, and its even more difficult to connect to people with common interests. Stratalinks helps to connect community members by providing a user-friendly tool to help owners and residents to connect on relevant issues and interests and build stronger communities. 

Goal #2 - Reducing costs & environmental impact: Condo associations share documents and information (e.g. council meeting minutes, financial statements, window cleaning notices, etc.) with owners. With printing costs running as much as 0.25c per page, this is both costly to your association and harmful to the environment. We aim to improve the efficiency of distributing your information, reduce distribution costs and minimize waste. 

Goal #3 - Making your strata more productive & responsive - Property managers add value to condo communities in many ways such as hiring contractors, organizing inspections and addressing security issues, but administrative tasks like printing documents add little value. Stratalinks enables property managers to focus on value-added work, engage community members in decision-making, and respond more quickly to community issues.