Setting up your condo on Stratalinks is quick & painless

A Strata Complex.

Software to connect your condo association, home owners association or any other community.

Stratalinks helps condo associations, home owners associations and other residential communities to open doors and connect people. We provide an easy web-based tool that gets condo communities online to do things like share documents, events, contacts and news, book facilities, participate in surveys and connect with other owners and residents on common interests.

If you are an owner, resident, council member, property manager in a community that is registered on Stratalinks, you just need to create a user account and request access to your community's secure site. Once you are approved, you'll be ready to connect with your community!

Click here for a slideshow about how Stratalinks works!

What is a Strata?

Strata refers to your condo association or HOA, Stratalinks can be used to connect any kind of community!


To find out if your community is already registered, go to